Why Tambora

As a cycling instructor, I hope my job does not exist in the near future. Good infrastructure, restrictions on motor traffic and a bit of common sense should be enough for any major city in the world to experience the awesomeness of becoming a Cycling City. Until then, I will be here to offer guidance to beginners and introduce more advanced riders on the fine art of blending effortlessly in traffic.

Working in London since 2013, I taught probably nearly 1k children to balance on a bicycle for the first time; I worked with lorry drivers to help them understand how does it feel to be on the saddle; I trained school kids in neighborhoods as diverse as Ilford, Chelsea, Finchley, Peckham and everything in between; I helped transforming regular riders into Pedal Me riders, notoriously some of the most capable cyclists in London; and I have amassed a large amount of knowledge on London roads (North East and Central London, particularly).

Get in touch if you want to learn to ride; if you are just coming back to the saddle; if you feel intimidated on the road or even if you have years of experience and want make sure your technique is up to date.

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