Basic maintenance class

Is your bike feeling sluggish, are your breaks spongy, is your chain squeaky, are your gears jumpy? Your bike is in need for some TLC. Now, the good news is that basic maintenance on your bike is an easier task than you can imagine.

Our Fix and Learn session consist in a mixture of hands on and theory where we adjust your bike whilst qualifying you to look after your bike in many scenarios.

What we can cover:
Gears and rim breaks (adjustment and maintenance)
Puncture repair and avoidance (maintenance of tyres and when to swap for new ones)
Transmission (identifying worn parts can save you loads of cash)
Pedals (maintenance, removal and installation)
Bearing systems (i.e. hubs, headset – learn to identify issues early)
Tools and lubricants (what do you really need)

Service starts at £40 per hour per person.

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