Unlock London by bike with us

I have been cycling in London for the last 3 years but definitely feel like I have improved my skills and understanding of road use a lot in these sessions.

Becky, commuter from south London

Nothing beats the bike when it comes to avoid congestion, keep safe social distancing and get around efficiently. Thousands of new riders got to the road during the lockdown in Spring.

With levels of traffic quickly going back to normal, riding might not feel as safe as before. Even with new dedicated space for cycling and more riders than ever before out on their bikes, navigating through the busy roads can be intimidating for some Londoners.

As an experienced National Standard Cycling Instructor and a former Pedal Me rider trainer, I can help you make this task a little easier by teaching you techniques that will improve your control over the cycle and equip you with all the road craft you need to face London roads.

I also can give you invaluable mechanical’s tips to keep your bike in good health and to identify when it is time to take it to a bike shop.

The instructor was great: gave clear and understandable instructions to my son and kept the session fun and positive!

Ariella, mum of a 7 year old who was learning how to ride

Get in touch and book a 1-1 session now. Prices starting at £30 per hour.

Non-riders – Learn how to ride safely, improve your balance and understanding of your bicycle.

Beginners – Improve your skills, gain confidence and avoid the most common mistakes.

Intermediate – Put your skills to on-road practice and learn the basics of safe riding, positioning, communication and observation whilst riding.

Advanced – Learn how to deal with complex traffic situations, junctions with heavy traffic whilst keeping it safe and receive assurance that you are cycling efficiently and effectively.

It was really an eye opening to see how little thought I put into awareness on the road and also communications with the drivers.

Seyhan, rider from East London

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