Things you need to know when you start riding

The bicycle is the vehicle of this weird 2020. Either as a way of keeping it sane during the quarantine days or a shift to avoid public transport, we have seen a surge in cycling. Now, depending on how many people stick to their pedal machines after the virus is gone and what actions we will see from the authorities laying the tarmac in our … Continue reading Things you need to know when you start riding

My pump suggestions

Your bicycle tyres need constant regular topping up. Naturally they will loose pressure over time. There is nothing wrong with that. We recommend you to pump them up once a month at least, using a good pump with a gauge that allow you the read the air pressure its been inflated to. The manufacturer recommended inflation range will be etched on the sidewall of your … Continue reading My pump suggestions

How to buy a second-hand bicycle

The task of buying a second-hand bike may be a little intimidating to people without much experience. How to spot a stolen product and avoid buying something dodgy? How can you ensure that you are not buying something that will soon need repairs and new parts or, even worse, has serious structural problems? With a little information, it is possible to save a few pounds … Continue reading How to buy a second-hand bicycle