There has never been a better time to ride a bike

Cycling is like a magic pill. Need to save money? Ride a bike. Want to loose weight and improve general health? Ride a bike. Tired of traffic jams? Ride a bike. Want to keep social distances and avoid the public transport? Ride a bike.

Whether you are a beginner and need some friendly advice and expert tips or if you consider yourself an experienced rider, a cycling lesson can make a big difference on the way you interact with other road users and control your bicycle.

Get in touch with us for bespoke roadcraft training, beginners lesson, maintenance sessions and advice on all things cycling with a Central London based instructor with profound knowledge of London roads.

Advanced roadcraft

Learn how to deal with complex road situations, junctions with heavy traffic and safely make good progress


Understand how to make use of safe riding strategies, with clear understanding of the road and assertiveness

Beginners and non-riders

Put the pedals to turn safely with an instructor with years of experience in London schools delivering Bikeability

Why training with us

We teach DfT’s National Standard for Cycle Training – a proven method of increasing control and safety

Basic maintenance

We will adjust your bike whilst teaching you how to perform basic tasks and keep your machine in tip-top condition

All things cycling

How to lock my bike? What tools to keep? Which route to take? Fire your question. We most likely have the answer

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